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Nov 12 2009

Maverick Target #4 Update – All Well

Maverick here…trying the GOGO inflight internet from JFK to ATL (thank you Delta) and from I have been told it works just fine…

Have not said much about Target #4 Update – Gold Nugget Invest – but here is the deal: It has been working just fine for me since January 23. Pays on time every time (up to today) and they have made some interesting changes to their script for the better. Customer service – top notch.

As I have said many times before, I know what they do works (Sports Arbitrage) because I have done it myself…for most people it is too tedious to do and takes too much time but there are people making a nice full time living at it…I just did not like the full time part!

You can go yourself and sign up to see (it is free to sign up) if it is worth spending a few bucks testing it out. Definitely would not put any more than $1000 to start and only money you can afford to lose (no rent, gas, school money!)

There are newsletters and explanations about it all over the Internet…but the bottom line is they are working like clockwork now.

Everything you need to know is on their site.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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