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Aug 23 2009

Attention ALL Fathers (And Sons)

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Maverick here…in Miami…just read a short article my dad sent me and it requires translation, since it is in Greek.

Here it comes…

One day, a father comes home from work late, tired and stressed out, only to find his 5 year old son waiting for him at the door.

SON: Dad may I ask you a question?

DAD: Of course…what is it?

SON: Dad, how much do you make per hour?

DAD (getting mad): That is my own business

SON: I need to know exactly how much you make an hour…please tell me daddy how much do you make per hour?

DAD: If you have to know, I make 50 EURO per hour

SON: AHHHH….(and added)…dad would you please loan me 25 EURO?

DAD (upset): If the only reason you ask me is to borrow money to go buy a stupid game or some other idiotic thing…then you go to your room right away…and to your bed. I don’t work hard everyday for these kinds of childish vanities.

His son quietly went to his room and closed the door…the father sat down thinking about his son’s question and was getting more and more upset. How would his kid dare to ask him this kind of question only to borrow money?

After about one hour…the dad had calmed down. May be his son really needed the 25 EURO to buy something important. And he does not ask for money that often. He went to his son’s room and opened it.

DAD: Are you sleeping son?


DAD: I was thinking, may be I was too harsh earlier. I had a tough day and I took it out on you. Here is the 25 EURO you asked me for

SON: Thanks dad! – and he goes to his pillow and takes out some more crumbled EURO notes

DAD: Why did you ask me for more money if you already had some?

SON: Because I did not have enough, but now I do, he said. I now have 50 EURO. Dad may I buy one hour of your time? Please come early to the house tomorrow…I would really liked it if we all ate together.

The father was very moved and he hugged his son and asked his forgiveness.

Mav comment – what is time with your family worth to you? Nuff said.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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