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Jul 20 2009

Where Has The Maverick Been?

Published by at 12:44 pm under Interesting Events,Maverick Reality

Maverick here in Alaska…and I have been…

Cooking! What have been cooking…that will remain to be shown…but let’s say there are quite a few interesting decisions made…and some very great things have been replaced by greater things…

The Maverick has left over $500,000 on the table…is this a bad thing? No…as long as I learn from it…

While I have been locking on my Maverick Targets (#1 being on hold, #2 diminishing returns, #3 still not up, #4 actually doing OK – something is well!), my buddies Phil and Dave Crescenzo pulled out over $500,000 each in the same time by just doing part time work and helping a lot of people enhance their lives, even if they are not interested in a business.

So, more to come…but just in case you were wondering where the Maverick has been…

Check Six,

The Maverick

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