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Jun 04 2009

Gold Nugget Invest – Status And Update

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Maverick here…in Alaska…

Just read an interesting update on Gold Nugget’s Site…it has a very interesting explanation as well as current updates…only put in capital you can afford to lose of course since I still have it in the very risky area and I don’t recommend more than $1000 to start.

Gold Nugget Invest Explanation In Money-News-Online

Make sure you scroll past all the ads and read the update…would not bother reading below the Gold Nugget Invest section.

To join (you can join for free and look around) go here:

Gold Nugget Invest and click on Register. Make sure you use eagledrive (no r) as the referrer. Then you can make your own decisions. They paid me again on time yesterday (12th or 13th time, I am losing track). And based on my strategy, I am half way to recover my principal.

If you take out everything…you will recover your principal in 18 weeks (3.5 months, to include all fees). That is really good time.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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