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May 30 2009

Lessons In Creativity From An 8 Year Old

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Maverick here…

In Miami getting ready for a nice round robin US trip…will get a chance to go to Chicago to see my buddy Joe Matsakapetros again…you remember? Here is what happened with Joe in the second week of May.

No video here…just a couple of pics of my son playing video games in Chuck E Cheese in Miami…I took him this week to have a little fun (no pizza we ordered salad, I don’t want Tony Horton to come to my house!)

Leonidas Playing The Racing Game I

Leonidas Playing The Racing Game I

Leonidas Playing The Racing Game II

Leonidas Playing The Racing Game II

Well…I got him a few tokens to play…then he promptly came and declared he was out. I said nothing to him and let him go around looking for something else to do…in a little bit…he comes back to me holding a cup full of tokens…more than I bought him (got him 20).

Of course now I am excited and suspicious…so I asked him…how did you get those…and he pointed me to the bottom of the video game consoles…he said dad there are more tokens over there I can get more…

Now I am starting to feel pretty good about my 8 year old…I told him dude…as long as you did not take them from anybody…(you did not did you?)…good on you…

He promised he did not…so he had a great time for the rest of the time we were there playing with his extra tokens…

Little kids are pretty creative…but sometimes as adults we stifle that…I don’t care how he got it as long he found a way!

There is always something we can learn from an 8 year old…

Check Six,

The Maverick

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