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May 29 2009

Mike Dillard Does It Again (Traffic Formula 2.0!)

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Maverick here…

In Miami…taking in the standard and expected mid-afternoon downpour (you can make a lot of money if you bet that it would rain between 12noon-3pm in Miami every day after May 15 till about Sep 15)…and I saw something a couple of days ago that you want to know about…if you have any thoughts of inclinations of promoting anything online or learning how to.

The name Mike Dillard has become a well deserved brand in the Referral Marketing Industry…if you look at my About Me post I have him listed as one of the three guys I have learned a lot from…

What makes him different, along with my buddy Brad Weinman and also Tracy Biller, is that compared to a bunch of “GURUS” out there, he has DONE what he is teaching…what a concept.

He is launching a very special product next week…which is called Traffic Formula 2.0. The cool thing about it is you can go get a 37 minute video full of value for absolutely NO Charge.

As this short writing stint was not enough…I have made a special 1:44 video for you from my place. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend…and check six (and stay dry!)…

The Maverick

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