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Jul 26 2008

Who Can Benefit Most From This Blog (Am I Talking To You?)

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You are probably wondering…who is this blog for? Is there anyone this is best for? Who should be reading it? Who should close the link and go somewhere else or reconsider their position?

Well, I will quell those questions right now…ready…brace!

Actually, everyone is welcome but I just know there will be some people that should leave and never come back….those that are…

1. Looking for a way to make money that involves no work, no money invested, in other words a free ride (don’t be surprised people are looking for this type of stuff)…you have no place here!

2. Looking for money programs that will make money with thin air, in other words waiting for the next poor bastard to sign up so they can take their money and pay you…you have no place here!

So, if you are that kind of person, great…we live in a free world (I think)…I will not tell you who to be or what to do…but if you read this there is grave danger of you having lots of fun as well as being converted…to the ones below!

Ok…now that we know who this is not for…let’s see who should be reading this:

1. First and foremost, all of my family, friends, and work and business associates…you are all welcome here…to see where I am, what I am doing, and how everything that I am involved in is working.

And heck…if you have an interest and I can help you in making some money…I will be more than happy to do so.

2. If you are a professional, a colleague, or a business owner that is looking for a proven way to make more than your bank or your broker will give you and set yourself up for a smooth landing in the world of massive bank accounts without having to be involved in high pressure sales…and there is no way you will make anything with no work unless you trust someone else with your money…even then it takes work to set it up…and there are lucrative options I have tested for you…so…if I am talking to you…keep reading…

And I hold a special place for all my colleagues in the Aviation Industry (pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, ground staff, everyone alike) because this is a tough time in this industry, thanks to the powers to be that are influencing oil and fuel prices. Here is what one of the best Aviation Site , Airline Pilot Central, has as its #3 Article:


There is #7 – which should have been #1 – have something else going outside of the aviation industry where you will not hurt if something happens to you job…or to you. Which is why I have created this blog.

Please be informed that pretty much every maverick target I have locked on needs a good amount of money to make a difference in your bank account (or under your pillow if you like to stick money or other valuables there) – I would say over $5000.

Most targets I list can be virtually passive once you set it up properly…and most have some sort of referral program…hey if you see something and you like it and tell someone…you should be rewarded!

And for the really busy ones out there…there is an outsourcing option…you need to understand that this option will cost you money.

Some targets may have an option of taking a more active role to increase profits…

If you are not in a financial situation to invest money right now, no problem. In the Resources section, you will see ways to use and leverage your time (hopefully you at least have some of that) to create the cash flow you need to invest later.

3. If you want to invest money and leverage your time at the same time. I am doing both already but first I locked up the maverick targets, and now I am in the referral and recommendation testing stage…now I have a story to tell and have passive programs that are working for me.

If I left you out let me know and I will be happy to update the post…no kidding…you will be doing a favor to the next person that reads this.

Oh by the way…I do moderate the comments…

Check Six,

The Maverick

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