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May 05 2009

Special Trip With Kids – Treasures CEO & President Visit

Maverick here…in Miami…after a short stint in Tarpon Springs…where all the Greeks are (lots of them anyway!)

Took a short trip with my Leonidas and Eirini last weekend to visit by buddy Tiger…she and I go a long way from the USAF, meeting in Turkey in 1994 (she is Greek too…what a coincidence!), and meeting again in Italy in 1998 and in Alaska numerous times…she is from there now.

I could not go to Tarpon Springs without making a phone call to see if the Treasures CEO, E Laurence Bake, and his partner and Treasures President, Ann Anderson, would be around…we had such a great visit with them last time in November 2008 (see relevant post).

And, it just so happened they were available and we met all together and had a ball…specially my kids (evidence below)…

And…considering the Mav Target Rules Of Engagement, Treasures is right online to be an official Locked Maverick Target within the next 37 days or so. They have a lot of things going for them…with the biggest thing being who is on the helm of the company and the way they run it.

It should be obvious to you by watching the evidence of my kids having a ball that we were on a boat…well…by the time we were coming back from having stopped at a wonderful place in Dunedin called Kellys (you GOT to visit there if you are in Dunedin) and for sure ask for a waitress named Maribeth – she was a doll, a sweetheart, and took great care of us, we had a very interesting adventure that sure had me thinking I was in the simulator on airline training…but it was the real thing!

One of the boats engines decided to go on vacation – an alternative way of saying…the engine failed…no oil pressure…after copious efforts from Captain Val and Laurence, we were going back on one engine (thank God the boat had two)…and instead of going back at 18 knots…we went back at 6 to nurse the good engine…it would have been a long swim home…

Here you are having a Jumbo Airline captain cruising back at 6 knots…I will make no further comments except it was a great learning experience…the bay is not very deep so we were not just about to shortcut to the marina…and it was getting dark and the guide posts that show us the proper way to steer so our propeller did not kiss the sand (yes that means we are swimming also!) were NOT very visible.

It got exciting al right…we got within four inches of the kiss! But no kiss…and 2 1/2 hours later we made it back for the 8 mile trip. Heck even Laurence and Captain Val let me steer a lot of the trip back…that was interesting to say the least…trying to find the posts…now I want a boat!

This is what life is all about…great friends…great conversations…see the kids smiling…and not sitting in front of the computer…so I am out of here!

And…always…check SIX!

The Maverick

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