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Apr 30 2009

Why Maverick Is A Beachbody Coach

Maverick here…in Florida…enjoying the wonderful April weather (yes 75-82F and sunny)…

Two weeks ago, Beachbody had a special video week event with the topic on “Why I am a Beachbody Coach”. They put out four nice 3-4 minute videos of people on why they are coaches…

Of course the Maverick could not stand and watch…I made my own video on why I am a Beachbody Coach…here it is:

And no…I will not deprive you from all the other videos…I will post a link to them below so you can see why some other people have chosen this very interesting path…may be you also relate to them.

What Is Your Why Vol I (Charlene in TX)

What Is Your Why Vol II (Mark in CO)

What Is Your Why Vol III (Suzie in PA)

What Is Your Why Vol IV (Scott in Tanzania, Africa)

Do you have to be a fitness guru? No…How about looking like Arnold? No! How about working out 10 hours a day? No (heck Tony I think only does 1)…so what is it…you have to be willing to learn a little…be interested in your health and the health of others…and be willing to help. That is it. And the money will also come…but is there a price for the better health you will achieve?

I have already answered that question…it is time for YOU to answer it for YOU!

Here is my Beachbody link. If I am talking to you…call me and let’s get going!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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