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Apr 29 2009

P90X Update – Mav Makes Huge Mistake – But Corrects It

Maverick here…in Miami…

I don’t normally admit to mistakes…but that was a huge one…so there…I even made a video of it. And also I show you how I corrected it before it got out of hand…

To see what P90X is all about there is a short video below. The guy that speaks first is Tim Matthews…I met him at the Coach Summit. Cool and realistic dude…that got extreme results!

To get P90X, go here (click on SHOP PRODUCTS and you will find it)…but it may or may not be for you…here is the fitness test you must pass. Otherwise you may want to opt for the Power 90. It will do a great job preparing you for P90X.

Check Six (and keep pushing play!),

The Maverick

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