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Apr 21 2009

Beachbody – Did You Know…The Canadians? How Do You Spell…

Maverick here…

You may think this is a bit overdue…but not really…it is just the perfect time.

Last month I was in Toronto to pick up a flight and had the chance to finally meet with a good friend, Sandra…we have stayed in touch for about 3 years and we went to a cool place for lunch and then she took me somewhere to show me something…so I could not help it I took a video…again!

How do you spell…PRODUCT BRANDING?

Anything to add…not really…in case you are really excited right now…some of you are…here are some great links:

Beachbody Coach Site

Why You May Want To Consider Becoming A Coach (Let the 3:37 video autoplay)

Beachbody Products And How They Can Help You

Honestly…I just started P90X (Day 9 of 90)…it hurts…but I can already see results…well worth the effort…it sure beats watching TV!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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