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Apr 04 2009

Locked – High Value Maverick Target – Trivita

Published by at 1:41 pm under Maverick Target #2

Maverick here…in Miami…

You know…I am starting to revamp this whole blog…and just make quick and dirty videos (they really are really clean for the most part…its the other part that gets interesting)…

So here we start…a High Value, Locked Target called Trivita (Maverick Target #2)…I am making a few different videos that will

Hang on for a great video that is coming…here is the deal…if you cannot explain what you are doing in 30 seconds or less…you need to do one of two things…you either need to either evaluate your communication skills or…re-evaluate what you are doing. Ok that should be up next week sometime.

For now…I made this quick and dirty explanation…to keep Trivita happy…do me a favor and replace the word investment with partnership and/or sharing in the advertising costs…Deal?

More videos are coming…stay tuned…expect a short video course that explains how to look at Trivita…

A very good explanation of the mechanics and numbers is here…only 9:37 minutes and full of meat

Special Trivita 9:37 Presentation

And yes, you even get a nice Unadvertised Bonus (surprise!) for viewing it.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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