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Mar 29 2009

Maverick Commutting Gems (Thanks AA 2021 Crew!)

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Maverick here…in Miami again (got out of Anchorage at the last minute – more on that later)…

After a 15 hour flight Hong Kong to JFK New York…still needed to catch AA to Miami…barely made the connection (this line at security was something else!)…

So on to AA Flight 2021 to Miami for another 3 hours of flight. Thank God this time the passenger before had not completed the Soduku so there was something for me to do!

And then, it started…one AA flight attendant comes with a pair of headsets (they normally cost but I was just handed them)…then a few minutes later another AA flight attendant comes with another pair of headsets for me…just in case the first one broke!

Then I get offered all kinds of food (I was eating my Beachbody food bar so I said thanks but I had enough for now…but they did twist my arm and I accepted later!)…so heck…I go in the back…and never left until the descent…

What happened in the back…I am not really allowed to tell all the secrets…but I will say this…this is the way I want to treat all my aviation colleagues when they come fly with me…except for the next 2-3 years they have to pack themselves if they want to fly with me!

Ok we did make a very short video I will let you have…

So here are the heros:

Lerissa (the naughty one), Heri, Ricardo, Ursula, Dawn and Marilyn in front.

People like you make a sometimes stressful commute very relaxing…and entertaining…

Check Six,

The Maverick

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  1. Herion 30 Mar 2009 at 1:55 am

    Hey Mav,

    Enjoyed the video…you can find Lerissa (the naughty one), Heri, Ricardo, Ursula, Dawn and Marilyn in front.

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