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Mar 22 2009

An Interesting Meeting At The Beachbody Summit

Maverick here…in Alaska…having a great time as usual (I think I broke the record for number of consecutive nites in the same room)…

Met a very interesting guy only because we had the same rental cars from Hertz…Mazda 6…his was silver and mine was purple…we parked next to each other and…what else…started talking!

And of course…we took a short video in the dark…and then I found out that Keith not only has won an award in the Beachbody Million Dollar Body Game, but he is a champion Track Runner and has used P90X to help improve his results…

Here is what Keith said Saturday March 14th at O-Dark 30 before all Beachbody Trainers ganged up on us at 7am for 90 minutes (that hurt for a couple of days!)

And this is Keiths story as aired by Beachbody last March…

Mav’s problem…I committed to Keith I will do something I have not done before and something that kept me from winning my training class award in the Air Force (everything else was perfect!) – 20 Pullups by the end of June…I just put myself on the Spot! But hey…that is how you achieve goals…tell people and put yourself on the spot!

Keep striving for your goals…and if you have not started working out with Beachbody Products yet and tried their new delicious meal replacement, Shakeology..you have no idea what you are missing…

Check Six,

The Maverick

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