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Mar 31 2009

What Beachbody Does For Their Coaches – When You Do Well

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Maverick Here…In Alaska…

I have a small problem…too much content and I don’t want to post more than once per day…but its OK…we are slowly catching up.

Just could not help but letting you know what Beachbody is doing for its Top Coaches…those guys are having a lot of fun…and I am a bit jealous…I guess all that is left is to do a bit of work.

Those videos are very high quality and all you have to do to watch them at full screen is to click on the expanding button to the left of the volume button which is to the left of the menu button…I am sure you will find it…enjoy!

I am making a bold statement…I will be in Hawaii next year!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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