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Mar 19 2009

Daniel Talks About The Biggest Success Word In Forex

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Maverick here…already made it up to Alaska and setting up for another nature experience…

Somehow things fall in place…at their own time…my airline changed my schedule and I had to buy a ticket…one of the best deals was going through Charlotte, where my buddy Forex Trader Daniel lives…here is a list of the previous posts I have made about him and he and I are ready to do together.

So…I gave him a call…and he was gracious enough to take three hours out of his schedule and come meet me at the airport…we went to a very interesting place for Breakfast…and we updated each other on the progress of our ventures…and of course…Daniel keeps trucking…he has doubled his LIVE account in little less than one year when people are losing their shirt in their stock market.

And he has done it in a prudent, disciplined way…even though he has had some big losses in July and September…he did not quit…he regrouped…learned from what happened…and proceeded to double his account. And before you ask yes I have his trading records.

This short 6:31 interview was not planned and Daniel just speaks his experience…enjoy!

If you would like to take advantage of what Daniel and I are putting together, call the number at the end of the Video and let’s talk…to see if we are a good match.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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