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Feb 28 2009

Forex Robots 28.2.2009

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Maverick here…in Miami…

You have not seen a test for the Forex Robots lately…the real answer was I could not be bothered…my buddy Daniel is ready to trade (see Feb 6 post), he is even teaching me here and there when I allocate time (I appreciate him for that), and I am actually quite stocked the way Beachbody is going (you can see all the posts here)…however…I am holding true to my fashion that I will test them until I am ready to call Uncle!

I will post only my LIVE results this week…from FAP Turbo and the other Robot…the DEMO accounts on FAP Turbo is so far away from the LIVE account I don’t care…it is over 20% off.

There goes by the theory I have had and now I see in practice…DEMO vs LIVE…two different animals…as well as Back tests…I have seen that in real practice also.

Anyone that comes to talk to me about a ROBOT I will ask them this…do you have LIVE results for at least six months (I may up this up to one year). And it would also depend on the amount…a LIVE account of $500 tells me NOTHING.

With that, here are the two live results…and based on that…I am not listing either of them as Maverick Targets…now I do feel great about the owners of Robot #1 and have told them so in a video, and I am sticking with them…but I am not recommending it to people I know. Period. Until it shows positive results in a LIVE account for three months minimum (it may be six after what I saw the last 6 weeks)…

Forex Robot #1 LIVE (started With $2888 27.1.2009)

FAP Turbo LIVE (started 19.1.2009 with $500)

The truth hurts sometimes…but it is the truth…

Check Six,

The Maverick

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