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Feb 22 2009

Nature Experience – Highly Advised!

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Maverick here…in Alaska…

Could not help it…had a day of relaxation…and I chose to take advantage of it…but even more importantly…I keep meeting the right people…

My Ski instructor was a retired Lt Col…73 years old hitting the slopes…gave me a different perspective…I told him hey man…when I am in your age if I an hitting the slopes I will be very happy!

And yes, he has had all kinds of health issues to include knee braces on both knees…he saw it as a reason to do something…others use it as an excuse…

As we have talked in many other Maverick updates…it is the fileter you see things through…also known as your attitude! So let’s just say Max and I got along really well…

Enclosed find a couple of interesting Videos…of Max and the beautiful nature! And yes my voice is a bit slurry…it is a bit cold out there!

OK I know that I sound a little funny on the Videos…but hey…you know what…it is a bit cold out there!

And yes, make time to also explore nature, relax and breath…away from the computer!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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