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Feb 17 2009

Product Branding (Vol II)

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Maverick here…in Alaska…tune in tomorrow and you will see a very interesting video or two…

Ok…just go get a copy of the Sports Illustrated March 2009 edition…it just hit the newsstands.

Open to page 77 and you will see….

Actually I don’t know which page it is in…

Here is the blog post from the Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler, talking about branding…

Carls February 8 Post

See what happens when people click on the Sports Illustrated Ad…

Thing these Beachbody guys know anything about Direct Response?

Here is a short Video on P90X…hard core stuff…reminds me my military training and it sure looks tougher…looks like I will be doing it starting the fall!

P90X Link

And those guys give you customers that buy this stuff…you think those customers are serious about purchasing more…and you get commissions from every other purchase they make…hmmm…let me give this some thought…not! I have already decided!

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