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Feb 14 2009

Video Maverick Target Update

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Maverick here…in Wanadoo City (no not an ELO song…do you remember?)…it is..

A place in Sunrise, FL where kids can act like adults…I know it is scary…

My kids are having a ball and I am watching them from the adults lounge…here is all about Wanadoo City:

Wanadoo City

Anyway…I am starting to do a lot more Video…so here is my first Video update (5min and change).

Will be shooting for one update every 10-15 days, sometimes more, sometimes less…with saucy stuff in between.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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One Response to “Video Maverick Target Update”

  1. Sandra Filicettion 16 Feb 2009 at 5:04 pm


    Just watched your update video. You look great. I can see in your face that you have lost a lot of weight. Keep up the great work. I will look at BeachBody more closely since you look so good.

    To your health and workout goals!!!!!!!

    Sandra Filicetti

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