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Feb 12 2009

Restrainment Was Not Possible – From…

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Laughing Uncontrollably High…after I heard this…

Maverick here…still in Miami…yes we are in shorts!

Wondering what this is? An announcement from an Olympic Airlines (yes the Greek Airline) flight…and you know the ironic thing?

OA 101 – NY To Athens

If you speak Greek it helps but not required to get the audio’s drift. If you don’t laugh, I want to know why…because you would be a rrrrreally wwwweird duck!

80-90% is real and if the pilots/flight attendants had their say – it would be 100% real!

But there is one important thing people don’t know about Olympic Airlines…and something people don’t care about…until you have a US Airways Flight 1549…they have one the best safety record around…their jet fleet has NEVER had a serious incident!

Its always good to remember what’s important (and give a little plug to Greece!). Since we are in a Greek Mood…I will include a nice Greek song for you to listen.

Enjoy…and…always…Check Six!

The Maverick

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