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Feb 06 2009

Daniel Is Ready!

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Maverick here…in NYC getting ready to go back to the “wearing shorts” land in Miami.

Just thought I would break some news to all you guys…

This has been brewing for a while…and it is the time!

My buddy Daniel is ready to trade! He and I have been good friends for almost four years now…I have been to his house and met his family. And his buddy Greg that has also had incredible results. And he is the only person (aside from his buddy Greg and their mentor) that I would trust with my money to trade.

There are more details I will be releasing only to seriously interested parties. No joke. To include trading records.

Here is some background so you can get up to speed with what has been brewing for a few years now.

August 1 2008 Blog Post

October 16 2008 Post

November 13 2008 Post

January 26 2009 Post

Should not take any more than 10-15 minutes to familiarize yourself with the exciting developments.

Let me also clear up something up front so we don’t waste anyones time:

The absolute minimum is $25,000 USD. No exceptions.

So, you can be in three categories:

1. You have the money and you want to pursue this further and perform your due diligence

2. You know someone that has the money and would like to bring them to the table

3. You don’t have the money now, you are not interested at all and/or don’t know someone with the money.

Category 1 and 2, click on this link and fill out the appropriate info and I will be contacting you to take the next step. Category 3, if your category changes, go to the link below.

Special Forex Fund Due Diligence Request

Look forward to hearing from the right people. The rest I will let you discover yourself.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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