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Jan 31 2009

Forex Robots 31.1.2009

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Maverick here…in New York…

Let’s just say this was a hell of an interesting week. Saw some drawdowns I am not happy with. And I have gone LIVE on Forex Robot #1. Results are included.

1. Forex Robot #1

A. Opened 10 December 2008

Mix Long And Short Term

Long Term

Short Term

B. Opened 12 January 2009

Conservative 8 Pairs

Conservative 12 Pairs

Aggressive 8 Pairs

Aggressive 12 Pairs

C. Live Account Opened 26 January 2009


Bottom Line: The long term account is performing really well. The other ones got their butt kicked this week. But it is not a one week deal. So we will see how it performs next week.

2. FAP Turbo

The difference between the DEMO and LIVE account is more pronounced this week…and it confirms what I have learned in FOREX…you can DEMO all day but unless you have a LIVE account…you are playing MONOPOLY!



Check Six,

The Maverick

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