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Jan 28 2009

Letter From My Airline To Beachbody

To: Beachbody Trainer

Re: Captain Dino Stylianopoulos

Hello Mr Beachbody trainer,

We just wanted to write this short note to you to thank you so much for creating the special section on your training DVDs that accompanied the 10 minute trainer program Dino bought from you last September on stretching…we think it is the program called Yoga Flex.

Two weeks ago Dino was playing some soccer by himself…he misses it from playing semi-pro in Greece and in college…so he pushed it a little past his limit and tried a full sprint followed by a strong, full extension shot on goal.

As he extended his leg to take the shot, he felt a pop in his right thigh and immediate pain…he knew he did something…and while normally he would have just gone home and rested…he stretched immediately for 10 minutes and performed the Yoga Flex exercise twice upon arriving at this apartment.

He had to be at work three days after he extended his limit…and we are very thankful to you because we believe 100% that had not been for your stretching program, Dino would have had to be unfit for flying duty which would have cost us at least $10,000 in calling someone else off reserve and having to replace Dino’s flights for the week.


Captain “Hugs” Prosser

Chief Pilot, The Airline

Note from the maverick: That letter was never written because my airline had no idea all this happened…but I wrote it on their behalf because that is exactly what happened. Just thought you may want to know…and keep stretching!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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