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Jan 26 2009

What New Targets Is Maverick Rolling In On Now (Jan 2009)?

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Maverick here…in Miami after a good nite’s sleep from a 6 day trip…4 days with the kids and the weather is awesome!

Back in October the 16th, I made a post below updating you on what targets I am rolling in on and what I am evaluating. If you want to see what it was, the link is below:

Oct 16 Post

So here is the update on those targets and the current situation on what I am doing right now:

1. Gold Purchasing Program – going well…and they are delivering as promised. I am paying a premium on what I can get it in the market, but I am getting a collectible, non-confiscatable piece.

2. Unique Reverse Auction System on Autopilot – On hold due to higher potential passive maverick targets like MT #2 (Trivita), Beachbody (hang on for more posts on this and why it is in a league of its own)

3. Special FX Hedging Software – the program I have been working on for three years has been temporarily put on hold. I am not satisfied enough to trade my own money in it, let along recommending it to anyone.

4. Discount Silver Purchasing Program – On Hold due to NO AVAILABILITY of good quality silver in quantity.

5. Special FOREX Trading Fund with buddy as Fund Manager – available for serious people only. For this you need to post a comment in the blog asking me to call you or email me/call me if you have my info.

6. Totally Private Investment Program – Same as #5.

So what are Mavericks Priorities for 2009:

1. Education (need to learn in order to grow, or grow in order to learn, or both). I plan on attending 1-2 educational seminars this year.

2. Setting up an autopilot system for Beachbody, and then for Trivita. This means that

a. We are talking about a funded proposal (it does not cost money up front because it pays for itself right away.

b. The type of people you will talk to (most you will not have to until they have signed up) will have very intelligent questions…and yes I have an outsourcing program in mind for those busy you’s out there. The only thing that will not be outsourced is the workout part. That, is like going to the bathroom, you have to do it yourself.

3. Setting up more Maverick Targets hard locked for completely passive sources so you can put your Beachbody/Trivita money into. Mav Target #1 is expected to be out of reach for another 6-8 weeks and I have two more in the horizon, as well as the impending Mav Target #3 (Treasures).

4.  Running two Forex Robots LIVE as well as creating my own strategies for you guys and gals to have a chance to participate in this market in a prudent and conservative way without being eaten alive. You can see my testing results on the Forex Robots posts.

All for now…maverick out!

Check Six,

The Maverick

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