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Jan 19 2009

Forex Robots 19.1.2009

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Maverick here….in Florida…

One more week of interesting results…

No…did not start with FAP Turbo yet but I will next week. The account is set up and I will set up a DEMO and a LIVE account after I take my daughter out for her birthday today.

More on this next week.

Consistent with the Maverick Target ROE rules, I will not list a target as an official target unless it is performing LIVE for three months. Now if you call me (only if I talk to you on the phone) and you twist my arms, I will give you the affiliate link to the ROBOTS I am testing but you will not see them as a Maverick Target unless they are performing to my satisfaction. Which is why most things I test will NOT make it to the Maverick Target category.

I will open up the results to everyone. What the heck I am feeling generous! All results open in a new window.


So, here are the results I started with ROBOT #1 on 14.1.2009

Conservative 8 Pairs

Conservative 12 Pairs

Maverick 8 Pairs

Maverick 12 Pairs

Here are the results of accounts I started with on 10.12.2008 (10 December):

Mix Long And Short Term

Short Term

Long Term

As I said before about this robot, I like what I see. It loses more times than when it wins, but it controls the wins and when it wins it wins big.

I almost tested another robot called the FOREX AMBUSH. I would stay away from it…they trade with no stop loss and with no hedging what so ever. One position on 5 January they entered had a 60% drawdown. Not comfortable.

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