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Jul 23 2008

What This Blog Is All About – And What It Is Not

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It must be my USAF Officer Training School (yes it is me in the middle on the picture and I had more hair then – April 1990) training that taught me an important thing in what I hated to learn the most – speaking in front of other people!


Officer Trainees Mr James Devere And The Maverick

Officer Trainees Mr James Devere And The Maverick

And that is…tell people what you are about to tell them so they don’t get surprised! And even though I love surprises…and I promise a few here…there will be no surprise as the vision and direction and type of things you can expect to see, hear, and read on this Maverick Income Systems Blog.

This blog is all about someone that even though he has a full time (if you call flying for an airline full time) work and has always loved what he has done to the point that he does not believe he has ever worked in his life…and it is not because he has not made any effort…you don’t become a fighter pilot or a B747 Captain with no effort.

Of course you are welcome here even if you don’t have a full time job and work from home…

But it is about choices…and we all have them. And I chose to find uses for my money and time that are not only productive money wise, but they have a meaningful effect in other peoples lives’ also…which is why I have decided to list (not recommend…never would do that…you are big boys and gals and can and should make your own decisions based on the info provided and your own intelligent research – otherwise known as due diligence) programs and strategies I know work well and can also work for you if you apply them.

So here is what you will not see:

1. Me bashing investments or programs, or other people unless I have full and verifiable facts

2. Recommend something I have not purchased and use myself or a program I do not participate in (this is very important…I put my money where my blog is!)

3. Bashing anyone’s job…because I love what I do…it is so good I never saw it as work…plus I believe if you hate what you do you better find something else fast instead of complaining about it

Here is what you will see:

1. What is happening with the money making programs I am involved with as soon as I know it…don’t plan on seeing too many updates…I will not waste my time typing and your time reading…unless I have something of substance to cover about a target

2. Personal interesting moments, experiences, and lessons that I think may be of value to you (interesting pictures, videos etc)

3. Listing and explanations for anything (under RESOURCES)that can

a. Simplify your life

b. Enhance your life

c. Increase the size of your bank account (money under your pillow if you wish)

4. Anything else I see to be a value to you

So there you have it…now enjoy!

And you know where to find me…or how to make a comment…click on “Leave a Reply”…and I will get it.

Also make sure you subscribe either by RSS (have made a post about RSS and how to use it here) or by putting your email address on the box on the left with your name and email. The third post has detailed explanation on how and why to do this…You will have to confirm your email once and then everytime I make a post you will get notified.

Check Six,

The Maverick

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