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Archive for March, 2011

Mar 19 2011

Core Synergistics 18 March Inspiration – Must Track!

Maverick here…in Miami…just finished a core synergistics P90X workout part of my recovery week.. Realized that as soon as I warmed up…I forgot to..hmmm…have my tracking sheet! So I stopped the workout grabbed the first clean sheet I saw…and started tracking… How do you know how you are doing unless you track it? Results are […]

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Mar 17 2011

This Is Why I Tell People About Beachbody Products

Maverick here…in Miami…enjoying time off with kids. Just wanted to let you read an email I received from one of my best friends. He is also a pilot. “Dino, I started P90X+ today. My first workout was interval X plus, and tomorrow morning early I will do Upper plus and ab core. HOLY SHIT! When […]

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Mar 11 2011

Fantastic Healthy Greek Food You Can Enjoy

Maverick here… In Chicago getting ready to fly up to Alaska and then on to Hong Kong…just finished a deadly P90X MCII (coming in September but I have the preview DVDs, you can get them here) workout! My buddy Mike just sent me these three ads which go very well along with the Healthy Eating […]

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