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Archive for January, 2011

Jan 24 2011

Timeless Quotes From Tony Horton’s New Book

Maverick here…getting ready to take off Miami to Manila…no I wish it was direct… It is O Dark 30 here (old military term…meaning…very early!)…and I just can’t leave without putting out some food for thought… Tony Horton does it again…now he just put out a new book…the link is nothing less than… No…not P90X…but close […]

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Jan 13 2011

Does Shakeology Work?

Maverick here…in Hong Kong waiting to catch a VERY SPECIAL TRIP…to the village of my favorite girl…more on that with pics later… Just a few days ago while I was in the Filipines…I called my friend Jerry that manages a clinic and said what the heck…let’s take some blood tests! I wanted to see how […]

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Jan 12 2011

Housing Crisis In South Florida – What Does That Mean To You?

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Maverick here…in Alaska BRRRR -10C but I am not a snowman! Just saw a couple of articles…about foreclosures in Miami…while I was at the library doing homework with my kids…well actually let me be really clear THEY were doing the homework! 9 Jan 2011 Miami Herald Article 10 Jan 2011 Miami Herald Article What does […]

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Jan 09 2011

What Are Your Goals For 2011? What Is The Key To Achieving Them?

Maverick here…in Miami on an official airline trip…24C and sunny! My buddy Daniel, who you may remember from the special interview we did in March 2009 (you can view it here), just sent me an email about New Years Resolutions. Most of it talks about Forex trading, which may or may not be relevant to […]

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