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Archive for May, 2009

May 05 2009

Special Trip With Kids – Treasures CEO & President Visit

Maverick here…in Miami…after a short stint in Tarpon Springs…where all the Greeks are (lots of them anyway!) Took a short trip with my Leonidas and Eirini last weekend to visit by buddy Tiger…she and I go a long way from the USAF, meeting in Turkey in 1994 (she is Greek too…what a coincidence!), and meeting […]

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May 01 2009

Swine Flu – Are You Scared? Should You Be?

Maverick here…in Miami…happy New Month like we say back home. 1st of May is Labor Day in most other countries except in the US. Long weekend. So…are you scared about all the swine flu stuff? Is it a conspiracy? Is it real? I DON’T KNOW. But I have found a few videos that I thought, […]

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