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Archive for May, 2009

May 30 2009

Lessons In Creativity From An 8 Year Old

Maverick here… In Miami getting ready for a nice round robin US trip…will get a chance to go to Chicago to see my buddy Joe Matsakapetros again…you remember? Here is what happened with Joe in the second week of May. No video here…just a couple of pics of my son playing video games in Chuck […]

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May 29 2009

Mike Dillard Does It Again (Traffic Formula 2.0!)

Maverick here… In Miami…taking in the standard and expected mid-afternoon downpour (you can make a lot of money if you bet that it would rain between 12noon-3pm in Miami every day after May 15 till about Sep 15)…and I saw something a couple of days ago that you want to know about…if you have any […]

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May 27 2009

New Locked Maverick Target – Gold Nugget Invest

Broke Lock At Target After At least getting my capital back…left it alone… They stopped paying in Feb 2010. Stay away from them…which is why you… Check Six The Maverick Will update more as I have more and more people I know joining and will include their experiences also. Check Six, The Maverick

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May 26 2009

New Viperjet Video – Check This Out

Published by under Maverick Reality

Maverick here…in Miami… Have been a bit busy formulating final strategies for my Ultimate Goal (see Oct 1 Post here)…and some other things you will see coming out in the next couple of weeks… Here…I just saw the Viper Jet site and they have come out with a new awesome video…just go to the main […]

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May 13 2009

Joe Matsakapetros Interview (My Buddy)

Maverick here…in Alaska… Last week I had an interesting change to my schedule…which allowed me to visit Chicago and hook up with my buddy, Joe Matsakapetros…he is a crazy Greek with an awesome and hilarious Radio Show (yes you can attend even if you don’t speak Greek). Did a couple of Interviews with him…the first […]

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