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Archive for April, 2009

Apr 30 2009

Why Maverick Is A Beachbody Coach

Maverick here…in Florida…enjoying the wonderful April weather (yes 75-82F and sunny)… Two weeks ago, Beachbody had a special video week event with the topic on “Why I am a Beachbody Coach”. They put out four nice 3-4 minute videos of people on why they are coaches… Of course the Maverick could not stand and watch…I […]

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Apr 29 2009

P90X Update – Mav Makes Huge Mistake – But Corrects It

Maverick here…in Miami… I don’t normally admit to mistakes…but that was a huge one…so there…I even made a video of it. And also I show you how I corrected it before it got out of hand… To see what P90X is all about there is a short video below. The guy that speaks first is […]

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Apr 28 2009

Maverick Income Systems Updated Welcome Video

Maverick Here…in Alaska… Yes it was about time for this…a welcome video update…check it out below…gives you a very good idea on what this blog is about (if you don’t know already). It will also change in the READ THIS FIRST section. Enjoy…and you can watch in high quality by clicking on the Video and […]

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Apr 21 2009

Beachbody – Did You Know…The Canadians? How Do You Spell…

Maverick here… You may think this is a bit overdue…but not really…it is just the perfect time. Last month I was in Toronto to pick up a flight and had the chance to finally meet with a good friend, Sandra…we have stayed in touch for about 3 years and we went to a cool place […]

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Apr 18 2009

Special Time With Kids – Highly Recommended!

Maverick here…still in Greece…having just a ball with parents, brothers, sister, and friends…as I always do… But…the week before I did something really special with my kids for their Spring Break…something I had scheduled since last August (no kidding)…I had a good feeling I would get the vacation time…and I did! Not much else to […]

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