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Archive for March, 2009

Mar 31 2009

What Beachbody Does For Their Coaches – When You Do Well

Maverick Here…In Alaska… I have a small problem…too much content and I don’t want to post more than once per day…but its OK…we are slowly catching up. Just could not help but letting you know what Beachbody is doing for its Top Coaches…those guys are having a lot of fun…and I am a bit jealous…I […]

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Mar 29 2009

Maverick Commutting Gems (Thanks AA 2021 Crew!)

Maverick here…in Miami again (got out of Anchorage at the last minute – more on that later)… After a 15 hour flight Hong Kong to JFK New York…still needed to catch AA to Miami…barely made the connection (this line at security was something else!)… So on to AA Flight 2021 to Miami for another 3 […]

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Mar 23 2009

Alan Pinel Speaks A Big Word About Success

Maverick here…in Alaska… When I was at the Beachbody Summit last week in CA, I got to catch up with my friend Alan Pinel…a very successful young entepreneur and Salsa Dancer/Party Organizer extraordinaire…we met at Starbucks in Glendale and did a short video clip. Enjoy the clip…and see what Alan says…it is a pearl of […]

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Mar 22 2009

An Interesting Meeting At The Beachbody Summit

Maverick here…in Alaska…having a great time as usual (I think I broke the record for number of consecutive nites in the same room)… Met a very interesting guy only because we had the same rental cars from Hertz…Mazda 6…his was silver and mine was purple…we parked next to each other and…what else…started talking! And of […]

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Mar 19 2009

Daniel Talks About The Biggest Success Word In Forex

Published by under Forex,Maverick Adventures

Maverick here…already made it up to Alaska and setting up for another nature experience… Somehow things fall in place…at their own time…my airline changed my schedule and I had to buy a ticket…one of the best deals was going through Charlotte, where my buddy Forex Trader Daniel lives…here is a list of the previous posts […]

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