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Archive for February, 2009

Feb 11 2009

Beachbody Is Doing What They Said They Would – You May Want To…

Look at this closer…it can be 99% passive. Maverick here…in Miami enjoying the nice temps and shorts…and soccer fields without snow! Seeing some very exciting things happening with Beachbody…I can see my body changing with following the workout regimen and conquering my eating habits…and also logging out the workouts and entering the drawing to win […]

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Feb 09 2009

Is Product Branding Important (Vol I)?

Maverick Here…Miami yes still in shorts! So, what is your answer to the question above… The video below does a pretty good job…do you know Cheryl Crow? Let me save you some time…fast forward to 1:35 (the video is only 2:18 long) and listen to what Cheryl Crow says about working out… And let’s get […]

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Feb 07 2009

Previous Life Glimpse – Could Not Help It

Maverick here…in Miami… Could not help it…was looking for something on UTUBE and found this…this is pretty much what we did in the cold war…thought you may enjoy it…short and sweet only 3 minutes! F-15 Alert Scramble to Russian Bear Bomber Intercept. Check Six, The Maverick

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Feb 06 2009

Daniel Is Ready!

Maverick here…in NYC getting ready to go back to the “wearing shorts” land in Miami. Just thought I would break some news to all you guys… This has been brewing for a while…and it is the time! My buddy Daniel is ready to trade! He and I have been good friends for almost four years […]

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