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Archive for January, 2009

Jan 17 2009

What I Learned From Tony Horton That Changed My Life (Part II)

Maverick up…in Miami…a bit late…but I feel I have to put this post up… Because I just won’t hold it inside any more…and it took me 42 year and a few months to realize this…but as the old adage says…better late than ever! Have you seen the movie Peaceful Warrior, which you can get here? […]

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Jan 16 2009

Is It Possible To Do This? What Is The Hidden Message Here?

Maverick here… Just sitting in Miami reflecting what happened in NYC yesterday with the US Airways flight. And if you have no idea what I am talking about, ignore this post and go read the article because it is really important! In a nutshell (this is unverified info so don’t quote me) a large flock […]

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Jan 13 2009

What I Learned From Tony Horton That Changed My Life (Part I)

Maverick here…In Alaska…again it has warmed up…it is now 0F (-17C) instead of -15F (-28C). And I still say…BRRRRRRRR! But, I can still work out in my room…due to the great stuff I bought last September from Beachbody after I saw their infomercial about 7 times… Essentially I need nothing…not even a hotel gym and […]

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Jan 10 2009

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Jan 08 2009

Maverick Starts 2009 With A Bang As A Beachbody Health Coach!

Maverick here…in Alaska…Happy New Year! And hope you stay warm….BRRR…-25C in Alaska… This post will change the lives of the people that will see what I saw. I saw a business I have been looking for…as most of you that know me are aware of…the topic of health and fitness is really high up my […]

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