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Archive for December, 2008

Dec 12 2008

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Dec 11 2008

Interesting Flying Videos – Not Scary I Promise…

Published by under Maverick Reality

Maverick here…I have had this for a while but… I just could not hold on to it any more…and the music is great! The second one proves that…an airplane will fly on one wing…as did one of my special airplanes…the F-15…this video is below this one. Here is the F-15…impressive also and this one flew […]

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Dec 04 2008

RSS Feeds – What Are They And Why Should I Care?

Maverick here…in Miami…enjoying the time off and getting ready to visit sis in Washington tomorrow… This post has been long overdue… I am sure you have seen this interesting orange RSS FEED link on the top left of the blog…I know some of you are wondering…what the heck is this thing and why there…some of […]

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