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Archive for November, 2008

Nov 07 2008

Protected: Maverick Target #2 Afterburner Plan

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Nov 05 2008

Maverick Target #2 (Trivita) 2008 Convention Update Vol II (Pics)

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Maverick Here…In Miami… A day after the election…let’s all hope for change! As promised…pictures are ready! Enjoy! Also I should have a movie from my bud Brado Weinman soon. My really good friend and Internet Marketing mentor…he introduced me to Trivita. We are setting a game plan together for explosion in the next 12 months […]

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Nov 04 2008

Maverick Target #2 Drive After The Meeting – 3 Foot Rule

Maverick Here…In Vegas… Waiting for the flight to Miami…to go see kids and take care of some other personal business…like arguing (OK I will be friendly) with the hospital to sign my insurance claim form…they don’t have to do it…only if they want to get paid! You are probably wondering what happened after the Trivita […]

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Nov 03 2008

Maverick Target #2 (Trivita) 2008 Convention Update Vol I

Maverick here…in Las Vegas… Got so excited after attending Trivita’s convention (Maverick Target #2) this year that I jumped into a Dodge Charger and hi-tailed to Vegas…actually that is part of another Maverick Adventure/Reality…for another time…sometime in the next 7 days. Needless to say…I went there to see if these people were for real…and they […]

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