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Archive for November, 2008

Nov 30 2008

Maverick Target #3 On Short Range Scope

Maverick Here… As I have mentioned before in a very recent post on Oct 16 2008…I have quite a few things my radar is sweeping for even fewer that make it withing locking range. Was honored to have had a very refreshing visit today in Tarpon Springs, FL with a very accomplished author and business […]

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Nov 29 2008

Health Check – Day After Turkey Day

averick Here…In Tarpon Springs, FL with the kids having a ball If you have not been here…highly suggest it…a great place to see some really good Greek Traditions (the Spongemen from the Island of Kalymnos), have some great Greek Food, listen to some Greek Music, and enjoy the sunset by the beach. So, how did […]

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Nov 26 2008

Maverick Target #1 Update (Very Good News)

Maverick here…in Miami…waiting for Turkey Day tomorrow… Wish all of you in the US a Happy Thanksgiving. Sometimes it is good to reflect on all the great things we have. Personally I will spend a quiet day reflecting on a last few very interesting events in my life in the past week…get the kids on […]

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Nov 20 2008

Maverick Target #2 (Trivita) Vs Network Marketing (i.e. Apples vs Walnuts)

Maverick here…in New York…it is a bit cold…BRRRR… Two weeks ago…I got an email from a contact in the home business industry…he was heavily pitching and hyping me on an obvious money game and SCAM which is designed to “Rob Peter to Pay Paul”. Translation: Get the money from the guys that sign…and pay the […]

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Nov 13 2008

It Is Good To Pay A Price In FOREX Because When…

You meet the real thing you know it! Maverick here…in Miami outside at the balcony of my apartment…writing this… Two weeks ago I was visiting a very good friend in North Carolina, Daniel. He and I have known each other since June of 2005. How we met is for a different post and story…but all […]

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