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Archive for October, 2008

Oct 28 2008

Change Of Roster…Always For The Best…Visiting Alma Mater!

Maverick here…in New York waiting to get on my flight to Chicago and then Anchorage (the midnite express)…but…I was on reserve the day before…this is where they call you and tell you do do something different than what you were scheduled for (not always but it does happen)…. So…called our Crew Control to see if […]

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Oct 26 2008

Why I Don’t Want To…Do Home Meetings…Ever Again!

Maverick here…last Sunday nite I was in Miami…would catch a flight to NYC next morning to go to work (if you call flying JFK to Chicago to Anchorage work…)1150 at night and the phone rings… It was an 856 number…I had no idea who it was…but I answered it. It was my good friend and […]

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Oct 23 2008

Maverick Commuting Gems – Vol 1 Part II

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Maverick here…in Hong Kong…should have probably written this from Fairbanks…when it was fresher but heck…I was in minimum rest (12 hours) between the landing and the next flight to Hong Kong… You would think that after the end of Part 1 that would be it…but no…when it rains it pours…Part 2 (the air part) is […]

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Oct 20 2008

Maverick Birthday Resolutions

Maverick here…in NYC waiting to catch a nice flight to Chicago and Anchorage tomorrow… Instead of Hong Kong they are sending me to Chicago for a couple of days…excellent opportunity to visit where I went to college in Kalamazoo, MI, if any of you has kids that want to learn about aviation in an excellent […]

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Oct 16 2008

What New Targets Is Maverick Rolling In On Now?

Maverick here…New York City…landed last nite…and going to visit kids in Miami tomorrow… This was a really cool flight from Anchorage as I got to fly with a First Officer that was in the Navy, flew F-18s and is still on the Reservers…you think we had some stuff to talk about? Spent almost half of […]

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