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Archive for September, 2008

Sep 07 2008

What Does It Look Like From The Cockpit (Part 1)

Published by under Maverick Reality

Many friends and acquaintances have asked me to post some pictures and scenes from the cockpit… Just signed up for this new service where it allows you to capture your screen so I made a little video for you… Enjoy…and there will be more to come! Check Six, The Maverick

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Sep 03 2008

The Top 7 Mistakes People Make When Looking For Cash Flow

Published by under Maverick Lessons

Warning: none of what you read here is a recommendation – those are the mistakes I see made over and over again and have made all of them myself…so learn from my experience! 1. Investing money they cannot afford to lose – i.e. rent, food, gas etc…I cannot stress this enough…you are being really foolish […]

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