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Archive for August, 2008

Aug 12 2008

Check Six – What The Heck Do I Mean?

Published by under Maverick Lessons

You may be wondering what I mean by Check Six at the end of every post… Here is the illustration: Check Six is an “old school” military fighter term that means watch your back…here are a couple of references I agree with 1000% Check Six Definition I Check Six Definition II Check Six is an […]

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Aug 10 2008

Why Everything On The Left?

Published by under Maverick Reality

On the top of the blog (the header) you see a picture of me (very recent, June 2008). My blog designed took it, cropped it and put it on the top left. Here is the actual picture: You may wonder…especially those of you that know a bit about marketing…it is normally better to have pictures […]

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Aug 08 2008

Maverick Target #1 – Private And Out Of Range

Target Coordinates: Out Of Range For Now Warning…I have Highly Sensitive Intelligence Information that tells me this Target may be out of range (i.e. Mrs VIP could be closed to new members permanently) anytime…so if you want to lock on this target do not waste time! Update 10.12.2009: This target has been out of range […]

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Aug 05 2008

Maverick Target Analysis Details

Published by under Maverick Targets

Ready to hit the target? Not yet ACE – you need to know how each Maverick Target will be analyzed so you can attack it properly, should you select to focus on it (and of course I am not going to over-emphasize this will be your selection – mine has already been made)… Again, I […]

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Aug 04 2008

About Me (Longer Version – More Writing)

Published by under Maverick Reality

Editors Note: Make sure you read the post…that talks about Maverick Reality and Course Change With A Short Video From The Maverick Eirini and Leonidas And Daddy In Leonidas Shop In Hong Kong Welcome…glad you are here. My name is Dino Stylianopoulos (my parents and Greek Friends call me Kostas) and I have two wonderful […]

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