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May 13 2009

Joe Matsakapetros Interview (My Buddy)

Maverick here…in Alaska… Last week I had an interesting change to my schedule…which allowed me to visit Chicago and hook up with my buddy, Joe Matsakapetros…he is a crazy Greek with an awesome and hilarious Radio Show (yes you can attend even if you don’t speak Greek). Did a couple of Interviews with him…the first […]

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May 05 2009

Special Trip With Kids – Treasures CEO & President Visit

Maverick here…in Miami…after a short stint in Tarpon Springs…where all the Greeks are (lots of them anyway!) Took a short trip with my Leonidas and Eirini last weekend to visit by buddy Tiger…she and I go a long way from the USAF, meeting in Turkey in 1994 (she is Greek too…what a coincidence!), and meeting […]

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Apr 21 2009

Beachbody – Did You Know…The Canadians? How Do You Spell…

Maverick here… You may think this is a bit overdue…but not really…it is just the perfect time. Last month I was in Toronto to pick up a flight and had the chance to finally meet with a good friend, Sandra…we have stayed in touch for about 3 years and we went to a cool place […]

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Apr 18 2009

Special Time With Kids – Highly Recommended!

Maverick here…still in Greece…having just a ball with parents, brothers, sister, and friends…as I always do… But…the week before I did something really special with my kids for their Spring Break…something I had scheduled since last August (no kidding)…I had a good feeling I would get the vacation time…and I did! Not much else to […]

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Apr 15 2009

What If Your Kite Does Not Fly?

Maverick here…in Greece for Easter…have been on a bit of a vacation…love it! Just had the opportunity to go to my son’s and daughter’s kite flying…adventures at the school. How did it go? Terrible on the kite flying department…but great because I was there to spend time with my kids. Took a couple of videos […]

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