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Nov 27 2011

Great Place To Eat Greek Food In Alaska

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Maverick here… In Alaska…BRRRR….-18C I think that is in the negatives in the Farenheit scale also… This has been a long time coming…have met some great Greek guys here that do some awesome Greek/Italian food that anyone visiting here should try. The Greek stuff is quite healthy and heck…once in a while it does not […]

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Feb 16 2011

The Best Greek Restaurant In Melbourne

Maverick here… In Melbourne licking my fingers…no kidding… After 92 minutes of Yoga X (the best thing that ever happened to me from Beachbody), I met my very best friends Despina and Stella at the Alpha Ouzeri, a short 20 minute walk from my hotel. Celebrity Cook Xaralambos (Babis) What followed in indescribable (is that […]

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May 30 2010

Has Label No Eat – No Exception

Maverick here…in LAX (Los Angeles for long)… A beautiful sunny day before we fly up to Alaska for the afternoon… While I was flying from Chicago to LAX yesterday as a passenger I met a very interesting guy named Ken from Echuca, Victoria, Australia…don’t know what happened except one of the Maverick Mottos held through […]

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Jan 19 2010

Is This All There Is To Commercial Flying?

Maverick here…in Miami getting ready for the trip of my life… Just got an update from our pilot union to an interestingly sad reference to an article that talks about what the pilots that are coming up to civilian ranks have to do before they pay their dues and end up where I am…being a […]

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Dec 28 2009

Viper Jet – Still Cooking…

Maverick here…enjoying a few more holidays in Miami before the New Year’s Blitz… Last October 2008 I made a post about my ultimate goal…and thought I remind you with a couple of more videos I found… Wish you a great remaining Holiday Season…and that your wishes and dreams come true…with action! Check Six, The Maverick

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