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Mar 07 2012

Incredible Greek F-15 Like Aircraft Design – Wow!

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Maverick here… It is the wee hours of the morning in Alaska and my brother in Greece forwarded me this UTUBE Video that floored me…a Greek F-15 look a like experimental aircraft! No…this is NOT a joke, here is the video so you can see for yourself To say amazing…is an understatement…will be visiting the […]

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Nov 08 2011

An Incredible Movie About Food – Forks Over Knives

Maverick here… Still in Hong Kong…my buddy Frederic recommended this incredible movie that floored me. It is a bit extreme but if you want to see some of the reasons that people are getting sick, this movie is a must see! Here is a short trailer to give you an idea of what to expect: […]

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Nov 07 2011

What Matters Most – A Friend’s Son Special Gift

Maverick here…in Hong Kong…have a funny ear so no flying for a day or two… Received this today from a very good friend…and I wanted to share with you…because sometimes we all forget the Important Things In Life and we need to be reminded! MY ADOPTION Some kids might say an XBox is their favorite […]

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Oct 22 2011

A Chance To Win A Flight Scholarship

Maverick here… In Alaska…getting ready for a nice flight to Miami. If you or anyone you know is interested or has kids/friends/relatives interested in learning how to fly, this is an opportunity to earn a nice $3,000 scholarship toward your pilots certificate and lots of other free tools that will help you on your journey. […]

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Feb 16 2011

The Best Greek Restaurant In Melbourne

Maverick here… In Melbourne licking my fingers…no kidding… After 92 minutes of Yoga X (the best thing that ever happened to me from Beachbody), I met my very best friends Despina and Stella at the Alpha Ouzeri, a short 20 minute walk from my hotel. Celebrity Cook Xaralambos (Babis) What followed in indescribable (is that […]

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