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Feb 06 2009

Daniel Is Ready!

Maverick here…in NYC getting ready to go back to the “wearing shorts” land in Miami. Just thought I would break some news to all you guys… This has been brewing for a while…and it is the time! My buddy Daniel is ready to trade! He and I have been good friends for almost four years […]

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Jan 26 2009

What New Targets Is Maverick Rolling In On Now (Jan 2009)?

Maverick here…in Miami after a good nite’s sleep from a 6 day trip…4 days with the kids and the weather is awesome! Back in October the 16th, I made a post below updating you on what targets I am rolling in on and what I am evaluating. If you want to see what it was, […]

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Jan 24 2009

Forex Robots 24.1.2009

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Maverick here…in Alaska… Interesting results of the Forex Robots this week. Went LIVE on FAP Turbo…so far…NOT impressed. LIVE is performing diffent than the DEMO account as you will see. Forex Robot #1: Very good results with realistic performance and risk control. Going LIVE on it next week. So should have some LIVE results next […]

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Jan 17 2009

What I Learned From Tony Horton That Changed My Life (Part II)

Maverick up…in Miami…a bit late…but I feel I have to put this post up… Because I just won’t hold it inside any more…and it took me 42 year and a few months to realize this…but as the old adage says…better late than ever! Have you seen the movie Peaceful Warrior, which you can get here? […]

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Jan 13 2009

What I Learned From Tony Horton That Changed My Life (Part I)

Maverick here…In Alaska…again it has warmed up…it is now 0F (-17C) instead of -15F (-28C). And I still say…BRRRRRRRR! But, I can still work out in my room…due to the great stuff I bought last September from Beachbody after I saw their infomercial about 7 times… Essentially I need nothing…not even a hotel gym and […]

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