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Mar 06 2010

Protected: Maverick Special Post – Project Update

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Nov 12 2009

Maverick Target #4 Update – All Well

Maverick here…trying the GOGO inflight internet from JFK to ATL (thank you Delta) and from I have been told it works just fine… Have not said much about Target #4 Update – Gold Nugget Invest – but here is the deal: It has been working just fine for me since January 23. Pays on time […]

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May 27 2009

New Locked Maverick Target – Gold Nugget Invest

Broke Lock At Target After At least getting my capital back…left it alone… They stopped paying in Feb 2010. Stay away from them…which is why you… Check Six The Maverick Will update more as I have more and more people I know joining and will include their experiences also. Check Six, The Maverick

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May 05 2009

Special Trip With Kids – Treasures CEO & President Visit

Maverick here…in Miami…after a short stint in Tarpon Springs…where all the Greeks are (lots of them anyway!) Took a short trip with my Leonidas and Eirini last weekend to visit by buddy Tiger…she and I go a long way from the USAF, meeting in Turkey in 1994 (she is Greek too…what a coincidence!), and meeting […]

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Apr 28 2009

Maverick Income Systems Updated Welcome Video

Maverick Here…in Alaska… Yes it was about time for this…a welcome video update…check it out below…gives you a very good idea on what this blog is about (if you don’t know already). It will also change in the READ THIS FIRST section. Enjoy…and you can watch in high quality by clicking on the Video and […]

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