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Dec 06 2011

Get In Awesome Shape And Winning $100,000!

Maverick here… In Hong Kong…and I just saw this challenge from the Beachbody CEO… Get in the best shape of your life and win $100,000! Find out how in this 5 min video Yes, not only its real…it can happen for you. Or if you are great shape, why not tell someone you know? This […]

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Jun 09 2011

Too Busy To Do P90X? No Problem – And No Excuses!

Think you have no time to exercise? Think again! 10 minutes is all you need! Tony Horton, the creator of P90X does it again! Watch how he takes everyone’s excuses away in this National TV Appearance (6 min video) after the host used it and lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks! Doing P90X and know […]

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May 05 2011

My Buddy Frederic Beachbody Experience – Why I Do This

Maverick here…In the Philippines on leave…going back to Miami to see kids this weekend and meet with my good friend from the USAF Tom and his wife Theresa. My buddy Frederic had the following to say…publicly: This is why I am a Beachbody Coach…I know that through getting better all the time through products that […]

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Mar 19 2011

Core Synergistics 18 March Inspiration – Must Track!

Maverick here…in Miami…just finished a core synergistics P90X workout part of my recovery week.. Realized that as soon as I warmed up…I forgot to..hmmm…have my tracking sheet! So I stopped the workout grabbed the first clean sheet I saw…and started tracking… How do you know how you are doing unless you track it? Results are […]

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Mar 17 2011

This Is Why I Tell People About Beachbody Products

Maverick here…in Miami…enjoying time off with kids. Just wanted to let you read an email I received from one of my best friends. He is also a pilot. “Dino, I started P90X+ today. My first workout was interval X plus, and tomorrow morning early I will do Upper plus and ab core. HOLY SHIT! When […]

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