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Mar 19 2009

Daniel Talks About The Biggest Success Word In Forex

Published by under Forex,Maverick Adventures

Maverick here…already made it up to Alaska and setting up for another nature experience… Somehow things fall in place…at their own time…my airline changed my schedule and I had to buy a ticket…one of the best deals was going through Charlotte, where my buddy Forex Trader Daniel lives…here is a list of the previous posts […]

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Mar 02 2009

An Crucial Element In Forex – Someone Is Lying To You!

Maverick here…in Miami still enjoying the beautiful weather… Do have any idea what you must do once you learn to either make money yourself trading Forex or when someone else manages an account for you and builds it up? Ready for the bomb? You must learn how to keep it. And this starts by having […]

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Feb 06 2009

Daniel Is Ready!

Maverick here…in NYC getting ready to go back to the “wearing shorts” land in Miami. Just thought I would break some news to all you guys… This has been brewing for a while…and it is the time! My buddy Daniel is ready to trade! He and I have been good friends for almost four years […]

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Jan 31 2009

Forex Robots 31.1.2009

Published by under Forex

Maverick here…in New York… Let’s just say this was a hell of an interesting week. Saw some drawdowns I am not happy with. And I have gone LIVE on Forex Robot #1. Results are included. 1. Forex Robot #1 A. Opened 10 December 2008 Mix Long And Short Term Long Term Short Term B. Opened […]

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Jan 24 2009

Forex Robots 24.1.2009

Published by under Forex,Maverick Targets

Maverick here…in Alaska… Interesting results of the Forex Robots this week. Went LIVE on FAP Turbo…so far…NOT impressed. LIVE is performing diffent than the DEMO account as you will see. Forex Robot #1: Very good results with realistic performance and risk control. Going LIVE on it next week. So should have some LIVE results next […]

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