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Nov 12 2009

Maverick Target #4 Update – All Well

Maverick here…trying the GOGO inflight internet from JFK to ATL (thank you Delta) and from I have been told it works just fine… Have not said much about Target #4 Update – Gold Nugget Invest – but here is the deal: It has been working just fine for me since January 23. Pays on time […]

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Jun 04 2009

Gold Nugget Invest – Status And Update

Maverick here…in Alaska… Just read an interesting update on Gold Nugget’s Site…it has a very interesting explanation as well as current updates…only put in capital you can afford to lose of course since I still have it in the very risky area and I don’t recommend more than $1000 to start. Gold Nugget Invest Explanation […]

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May 27 2009

New Locked Maverick Target – Gold Nugget Invest

Broke Lock At Target After At least getting my capital back…left it alone… They stopped paying in Feb 2010. Stay away from them…which is why you… Check Six The Maverick Will update more as I have more and more people I know joining and will include their experiences also. Check Six, The Maverick

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