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Nov 03 2008

Maverick Target #2 (Trivita) 2008 Convention Update Vol I

Maverick here…in Las Vegas… Got so excited after attending Trivita’s convention (Maverick Target #2) this year that I jumped into a Dodge Charger and hi-tailed to Vegas…actually that is part of another Maverick Adventure/Reality…for another time…sometime in the next 7 days. Needless to say…I went there to see if these people were for real…and they […]

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Oct 26 2008

Why I Don’t Want To…Do Home Meetings…Ever Again!

Maverick here…last Sunday nite I was in Miami…would catch a flight to NYC next morning to go to work (if you call flying JFK to Chicago to Anchorage work…)1150 at night and the phone rings… It was an 856 number…I had no idea who it was…but I answered it. It was my good friend and […]

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Aug 28 2008

Maverick Target #2 Update

Maverick checking in from Hong Kong…it is getting a bit cooler…good because I started to melt with this hear here! Just wanted to let you know…there is a very interesting development on Maverick Target #2 (Trivita). As you have learned by reading about me and my mode of operation…I like everything that can automate more […]

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Aug 14 2008

Maverick Target #2 – Trivita (Updated Nov 2010 – Broke Lock)

Target Coordinates: Trivita (Excellent Business Building Asset Target!) Short Target Description: Media, Advertising, and Wellness Company -Offers wellness products to the general public through infomercial and a business affiliate network. More Target Detail: Trivita is owned by a 30 year old media company that knows well how to acquire customers. They have expanded their business […]

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